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“News India Point” is an Indian Website created in July 2021 by Somesh Sahu. “News India Point” provides you news of different categories like India, World, Tech news, Business news and many more. Our main aim is to serve you essential news, articles, as well as Breaking news directly on your mobile and PC at the earliest.That too in your own Hindi language. We want every person to know about the country and about every small and big news per day.

About our Website 

Our website is running from July 2021 and since then we are continuously trying to provide you important and necessary posts and articles per day, Where our post and article is divided into many parts, so that you will not have trouble in navigation of any article in our website. All our posts are separated and divided into different types of categories like India news, World news, Business, Entertainment, Life-style, Technology, Gadgets, Religion and many more.

If you face any problem in our website while reading the article, navigating problem or if you think that article was fake or something else then please contact us by “contact us” menu at the bottom of our website or Email on . We will improve or correct our mistakes and help you as soon as possible.

About our core team

We have created this website together with two brothers. Somesh Sahu Founder of “News India Point” and Lokesh Sahu Co-founder of “News India Point”, and some helping cousins. We are always ready to serve you necessary and significant news through our website.

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